• You're alive! I can't believe it. :V

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    • Hey Bal! Yes indeed, i am :) 

      I wasn't around much in the wikia these past few months, because i had, and still have, much to do IRL.

      But, as GE2RB was out and i got a copy of it, i figured i might as well drop by and say hello from time to time!

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    • Awesome, man. Believe me, we're all getting busier every day. It's a wonder I even saw your edit on your profile.

      But enough about that. What version did you get? PSV, PS4 or PC?

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    • I got it on PS4. I also persuaded a friend to get one copy. 

      Also happen to have downloaded God Eater Resurrection.

      And you? What version do you have?

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    • Warden, I would like to say that me and Baluar have the Steam Copies of GE2RB and GER.

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    • A FANDOM user
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