• While I'm going to grind Abandoned Arcs in Resurrection,I am currently playing Rage Burst as well. So far,I was already unlock the Blood Bullets function from Ciel's Another Episode quests. But yeah,I don't know any bullet recipes for Rage Burst,and I can't find any bullet recipes that is good for practical uses. So,can anybody help? I need one recipe for each guns,and what Blood Bullets should I put. 

    p/s : Is there a way for me to duplicate Lightspeed HDH recipe for sniper from Resurrection into Rage Burst,and what Blood Bullets should I put? I kinda like this recipe.

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      And Lightspeed HDH isn't an option in RB, unfortunately...

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    • Lyrr Balriel wrote:

      And Lightspeed HDH isn't an option in RB, unfortunately...

      I see..... That's a bummer. Thanks,nonetheless. Just a few question,if you wouldn't mind.

      1. What is the Matt's Popopopo~n and Ken's C : [Element] / Air Heal english recipes?

      2. I see there's an assault bullet that lets you refill OP in several Youtube videos. What's the bullet is,and what's its recipe?

      3. I see there is no shotgun bullet recipe here. Do you know one?

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    • 1. I can't read it, sorry... I treat all Japanese recipe as cryptograph \=.=/...

      2. All assault bullets which cost 0OP can refill OP, there is also a blood bullet delicated to that ability too^^.

      3. Shotgun recipe isn't very brainy like sniper or blast, just stack more than 1 module together and there you go. They will be inefficient damage-wised but will help you unlease a barrage of bullets in a short period, perfect for Blood Rage bullet rush.

      P/S: Quite a nice choice you have in question 1, a Matt's + a Ken's (~^ ^~)

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    • I see...... That really is a bummer then..... It's hard to find translators here. Really hope that someone will post an English version of the recipe. Well,thanks again.

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