• We know that elemental damage does less or more damage depending on how weak or resistent the aragami is to that element, but I couldn't find anywhere that says how weak or resistant an aragami is to elements; not in the game (NORN), not on the wiki, and I searched the internet for answers and the most I got was this chart of the damage multiplier: (Note: Top of left column is for melee damage, bottom for guns, and the top row is for resistances for both god eaters and aragami).

    According to the chart, a melee weapon with an O element will do 1.25x to an aragami with X resistance to that element, and 1.50x damage if it's resistance is XX. But where can I see the aragami's specific resistance level? All NORN and the wiki says is that they are weak to that element but not HOW weak. Knowing this will really help with picking the right equipment for missions

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