So, This

is happening.  And you were name dropped. Delete this message if you wish, wash it away like a stain on a shirt, but that's not freedom, that's ignorance. I hate dragging others in, but I'm gonna do it 'cause you admins are being dictators now.

I thought I had my small freedoms of expression with my personal profile page. Sure the pic was slightly ecchi, I'll take give you that.  Wanna talk about how Alisa's F**king underboobs are not ecchi? We should censor the bottom part of her chests, 'cause frankly it's too much for the children even without the tits! D:

Btw, kids don't browse GE wikia, the game's rated for Teens and above, if the adult didn't read that when buying the game for him or her, own mistake.

Maybe I should  be an admin too, then I could go around telling people what to do and what not. Unrelated? Here I thought Profile pages were meant to be a form of expression, not topic for oppresion. 

Say this isn't related to you if you want. But your pal Beo has already referred to your authority as part of the "security" of this wikia. And from what he claims about you agreeing with him, I beg to differ on your involvement in this. 

Despite all that that I have helped mature this wikia with other translators and users into an information base, I get recompensed with a Warning issue telling me to take the unrelated pic to GE off my profile page. Oh, and I don't expect any reward or compensation to this wikia in the first place btw, just bringing it up.

I'm sorry this had to happen Baluar. Well, more pissed off than sorry really.

And Only as a fellow user who's been helping and editing GE wikia for longer than you have (hint:2013).

I barely know you, since I'm just a behind the scenes translator-who's-been-translating-and-adding-GE2-pages-since-2013. If you are 'awesome' as you claim in your profile, I hope you'll open your eyes to other people's decoration freedom on their Personal, expressive, Individual profile pages rather than help your other certain admin help delete my page deco (which I deleted as a sign of disgust to you all btw). I'm sure it'll help your archaic sense of acceptance if I just quit this wikia peacefully,but some people need to learn the concept of individual expression I noticed.

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