Oh, I'm sorry, did you think I said you were a demon? Please, you're not even close. You're not an aragami either. You're just human and nothing more. Llike the rest of us users here. So don't flatter yourself with insults/compliements yet.

I said this was to be my last post and I thought Baluar would clear the rest of this personal page mucked-up mess  without a need for me to have to continue doing so, but seeing as you clearly have not gotten anyone's message in your head yet, I have to tell you again. This time, keep your eyes and dictionary open. Google translator even, if you have to use that.

First off, old man, you're missing the simple points in this conversation that shouldn't even need to have been stated had you respected people's personal page individualism, their pages which do not cross over into the important parts of this wikia, the GE media and related GE fact pages(character pages, Blood Arts, Manga, etc). You wanna be a copper,then go back to your old job. 

I'll make this clear, you started this little spat with your imposing on others' wall pages just because you thought someone else's decor looked of. It would not be a problem if you you were just insulting me or my profile page's deco choice. But you gave me a "warning" and worded it provocatively too (That last point  is restated so you may take the opportunity to better yourself as a moral human being of individual freedom and such bla bla bla, basically I gave you a warning back about how such wording can piss many sensitive people in the 21st century.

. If it was just insulting questions or such concerning my fashion sense, I wouldn't mind.

'btw, I Quote YOU "'I cant even touch in other profiles. Since you are a old user, you should understand that."

 The hell you trying to say?

Even "old users" and veterans won't understand your message 'cause it's DOESN'T EVEN MAKE SENSE. But PLEASE Don't Bother to elaborate any further on that point, because that's NOT THE POINT of this message, just pointing out your somewhat incomprehensible English for you Mister-who-lives-near-Gmt3-line-of-England-the-land-where-English-is-named-after-area.


You "THINK It's rather unnecessary" (that's two 'n's in unnecessary btw :) your words not mine. YOU "THINK". Get this, EVERYONE THINKS AND QUESTIONS. 

As your pal Baluar said himself above, I quote: "You can put anything on your page(Be it those things, Nobody will complain about it, just questions will be asked). As long as it doesn't hit/interact/collide on the other pages, you're good to go." 

If you were just asking rudely or even politely about my profile page decoration choice which I use to express my various translation and individual expressions as a wikia user, I WOULD NOT HAVE MINDED. But you ISSUED a warning. I call that power abuse. I don't think you wanna control this wiki. You're just acting like it by issuing "warnings" here and there. Bad habit from your copper days perhaps? (Rhetorical statement btw, on the "R" section of your dictionary)

I don't see my pics colliding with other peoples' and most importantly, with the wikia's GE fact pages (character pages, Blood Arts, GE media, etc). If I did, I would've removed them myself 'cause I love having my info right when I visit a page on this wikia, that's a translator's common pride. I don't wanna see Colonel sanders image mistakenly put as Romeo's Game Portrait. I see a cookie on Baluar's page. You should go warn him to remove it because it seems unnecessary. That cookie be a sinner, and you gotta take it outta here.

 And yeah, I noticed many user pages here are mostly pasted up with GE related stuff. That's their choice. I made my own choice of decoration of my profile page a long time before you and lot of other users brought their own deco in. I don't care if you're a stickler for conformity or thought that's how the world of user pages work, 

Also, why did I bring up your admin status you wonder and speculate? Actually, I was just trying my best to make a bad sarcastic joke about power abuse, but yes, it did hold such thoughts and intent as you claim. Insecure thoughts like how users will have to live by your ridiculously stupid and militiristic policies of keeping THEIR OWN DAM PERSONAL WALLPAGES "CLEAN FOR THE PUBLIC" like some toilet.

Also, since I know you love policies, here's one for you from the Communities Wikia itself, a restatement of Baluar's quote actually:

Image uploads for user pages

  • Users who are contributing to one or more Wikia wiki(s) may upload a number of images of their choice solely for use on their user page.

"Solely for use on their user pages", did you catch that part? And that's the argument here that you're not comprehending. The part that Even BALUAR up there pointed out and you ARE NOT SEEMING TO UNDERSTAND.  

And Yeah, just to answer a answer you put a question in , I think all us OTHER REGULAR users would feel MUCH SAFER if we had imposing admins like you off our backs when it comes to our personal customization, which mind you as I already said is NOT the main thing that wikia readers read. Is the power getting to your head? I think so yes.

So go ahead, step down & resign and become a regular user, and give some other innocents and myself some secure Peace of Mind that they and I won't have to endure such "unnecessary" statements.

Btw, you said on your profile page "I am not judging you, just want the Wikia's safety." Yes, I suppose my pictures would kill an unfortunate chap who passed by and thought "omigward unrelated pictures! *heart attack ensues*.

Kids will see you say? Let them see. As I stated before, my profile page pics are my own and they do NOT conflict with other wiki pages, just my deco for my page.

Teens and above are in their learning phase of adolescence and SHOULD learn that the world isn't just Boy x Girl here Girl x Boy there. Why I say teens? because outside Japan, GE game is rated T+ for 13+ aged teenagers. And INSIDE Japan, It's rated 15+ in CERO standards. The game is for teens. Teens are smarter and more open to understanding than primary school kids.

Does your neighbor's 9-year old kid look at GE wiki user pages? He's not gonna die from seeing a picture. Are you living in the 20th century? You DO KNOW that homosexuality is a generally accepted matter in England and America in the 21st century? (yes, America is the country from which this Wikia System was born from)

Are you about to get a panic attack from looking at non-Disneyfied images that were on my page WAAAAY before you even signing up for this wikia? If so, wiki-ing isn't for you. Stick to your day job.

Btw, you said you removed my picture? I don't know what delusion you had about that but I myself removed the entire dam page before anyone else touched that edit button. Not because I'm following your rules.

Because I'm making a statement of disgust with the way you, individually, are trying to make things militaristic here.

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