Beo, I've already corrected my erred name drops there, you might wanna check again. No, you don't understand at all. I never wanted your explanation. I wanted some accepting here being someone who's been editing here since before you and your admin militaristic friends.

Also where did you even find the word "arrest"? Use your quotations properly.

Yea, I alone, but I was speaking for general safety of people's pages

By the way, really, I think you didn't really notice yourself. but YOU are the one that said " I take pictures of vandalism, if you think that I did a "mistake" removing your picture"

in which you imply you have removed the picture. Which you didn't. I did. Get your  own dam statements right.

I'm quite aware icons appear on all wikis. But that was a statement in passing, not meant to be an argument. I don't think your English is any where near able enough to understand that perhaps. 

Oh, and please stop assuming. It obviously does not suit you. Demons and atheism? I wasn't even talking religion. You should stop multit-tasking on your edition of the bible while typing.

I never asked to be your friend, nor your enemy. YOU came down on my wall and started babbling about militaristic policies that never explicitly existed on this wikia before your own joining.

I know you don't want to hurt anyone. I'm sure You're "just doing your job" as your profile page insinuates.BUT I WAS POINTING OUT AS A PRECAUTION FOR YOU THAT YOUR WORDING WOULD BE TAKEN AS RUDE FROM A GREAT GROUP OF PEOPLE IN SOCIETY OUTSIDE THIS WIKIA CHAT SYSTEM. Read the context. Also Yuri is not hentai or ecchi. I already said sorry for putting the ecchi on the page if you think it really affects 13+ kids in tragic ways. 

No I don't want a "sorry", copper (calling you that as a nickname since you label yourself retired police, remember your own setting chap).

What I wanted from the start was for admins like yourself to stop your abuse of warning issueing and change your militaristic ways of discrimination against profile page pictures that don't even affect the rest of the wikia unless you choose to go to my  page. If you guys don't want to see my profile page and my individual pics, don't go to it. No one told you to visit.

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