The team's first instructor and commander of the Women's Division. She was one of the God Eaters to retire. She is also Lindow Amamiya's elder sister.

She is first shown to be very authoritative and strict, showing no distinction between rookies and veterans, so many characters consider her scary. This does not mean she is emotionless however, as she is distraught when Lindow goes missing, although she doesn't show any of it outside privacy. She is dedicated to her position, even telling the God Eaters not to focus on finding Lindow, instead focusing on normal routine.


Tsubaki Amamiya (29)
Joined Fenrir East Branch in 2059.

A former Gods Eater who once served as leader of the Fenrir Far East Branch Combat Unit.

As a Long-Distance type Gods Eater, she was peerless in her achievements.

Relived of her Gods Eater post in 2069, she now serves as both the supervisor for the 1st-3rd units and the advisor for newly recruited Gods Eaters.

Rank: Captain.

God Arc: Assault (older model/long-distance)

Battle Information

AI Behavior:
  • High Survivability.
  • Uses Restore Pills when low on Health.
  • Will gather to Player when alone, unless when encountered by enemy.
  • Stops shooting if Players get in the way of her line of fire.
Confirmed Skills:
  • Firm Stand
  • Medic
  • Rescue Recovery ↑
  • Muted
  • Oracle ↑ M
  • Oracle ↑ L
  • NPC: OP Recovery
  • Blaze: M-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Freeze: M-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Spark: M-Type short-ranged Shot.
  • Divine: M-Type short-ranged Shot.
Consumable Items:
Pic Item Quantity
Icons Heal Restore Pill II x10
Icons Heal Restore Pill S x5

Additional Information

  • It is notable that she wears the Sniper apparel, which would fit with her former position of Long-Distance specialist.
  • Playable avatar can only be obtained through DLC.
  • The appearance of Tsubaki in God Eater 2 is unconfirmed.

God Arc Information

Blade Shield Gun
22 mousyblow.jpg
No Blade
No Shield
Mousy Blow
Assault Type


Note: Tsubaki has a voice collection entry in the archives, unfortunately, no voice was coded for her NPC in the English versions.



Concept Art

Tsubaki001 Tsubaki002 Showcased Artwork



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