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Tyrant Hannibal is an Ashwrought Aragami introduced in God Eater 3, It is an Ashwrought variant of Hannibal, inheriting not only its normal counterpart's behavior but also the movements of another member of the same family, Caligula, when enraged.
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God Eater 3

An Ashwrought Hannibal covered in crystalized Oracle cells and crowned with dark red horns that induce despair. Ashblight has caused the on its back to produce enough heat to generate plasma, and the creature can control electricity at will. Its lightning attacks can stun victims, so appropriate caution is required.

Its scales emit Oracle Cells, which creates a barrier that nullifies debuffs in addition to making it harder to knock down.

Summary of Activated Abilities

When activated, it uses blades of electricity to attack in a pattern similar to Caligula. Watch its movements carefully and respond. Its scales will soften and its defenses will lower. Breaking its scales will stop its Oracle Cell emission and take down its barrier.

Breakable Bonds: Head/Gauntlet/Scales

ATK Element : Spark

Weaknesses : Blaze

Additional Information
Music Theme
  • Merciless King


  • Tyrant Hannibal was added in patch 2.40
  • Tyrant Hannibal is one of the two Hannibal variant that is weak to Blaze, not counting the Caligula variants. The other variant with said weakness is Spartacus.
  • Tyrant Hannibal has the toughest gauntlet out of all the Hannibal variants due to the fact that even crush damage, the damage type Hannibal shields are the weakest to, takes a long while to break it.

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An enraged Tyrant Hannibal attacking

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