Urara Hoshino is a character that is introduced along side Teruomi Makabe in God Eater 2 -Another Episode-. She will be featured in the Operator episodes with the free 1.20 update (Siliconera).


Urara is shown to be nervous in the presence of the people she's meant to support, most especially Karel and Shun; she fares better with the Protagonist, however, moreso during their conversations in the Operator Episodes.

During one of the later missions in the Operator Episode, she's also shown to be resourceful, making use of one of the Link Support Devices in a pinch situation. She eventually grows out of her nervous shell, learning from her experiences and becoming more confident.


Urara is a girl with long dark purple hair and purple eyes. She wears an operator uniform that consists of a short sleeved white dress, a small red ribbon and a corset type vest. She also wears a black pantyhose and a pair of red mary jane shoes.   

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