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God Eater Resurrection Speedrun

GER Record
Finally i finished GER main story from the scratch under 14 hours.

Skipped all of the skippable cutscenes, and skip all other non-story missions except if needed (to make some equipments).

Main playstyle: Blast Gun + Melee Bomb

Only made a handful of equipment along the way:


  • started with Blade P
  • make Fin Blade for Frugal skill
  • make Kongou Staff for to fight against enemy like Quadriga & Camnlan
  • uses Oracle Blade as final weapon, obviously because it's supports gun


  • started with Type 79 Cannon
  • make Fiery Dragon as soon as it available
  • then i changed to Gastraphetes and using HDH bullet, though i still switch into Blast gun against certain enemies. I did planned to used it as final weapon.
  • finally made a Deus Gun Takitu, the earliest Blast gun with trigger happy, dropped Gastra since i can't find the materials to upgrade it
  • and then switch to Gravegun at rank 10, the best non-elemental Blast gun in the game


  • started with Support Shield
  • made Koukei Armor since it also boost melee damage (i did use a lot of melee in the early game)
  • planned to make Ajax, best shield to support gunner, but i had to dropped it because i can't find enough mat
  • made Galatia buckler instead, because it boost OP Devour and Predator Style Pearl Bird / Cornix already unlocked since rank 7. This armor stays un-upgraded and during the final boss fight, taking a hit means die.
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