Mahou Shounen Kawane

aka Kawane

  • I was born on May 7
  • My occupation is Unemployed Magical Boy
  • I am Male

Haloooo fellow Jesus Nommers! Time for my Intro, no? Well let's get started!

What do I do?: Fanfics (soon)

Fave series: G. E., Freedom Wars, Kancolle, Neptunia, Drakengard/NieR

In-game Name: Kawakaze (Kawane), Akane (Akane Yomitsu): GER and Chris (Kawane): GE2; RB

PSN: Kawane-Mura

What to know about me:

  • I'm a great artist.
  • I can be tempermental and depressing at times
  • I'm a shy guy
  • My bro thinks I need a dominant waifu
  • I prefer protective over dominant (I am sub though.) @_@

Who is my waifu?: I haven't decided yet, the decision is hard... If you have suggestions, leave them in the comments.

Known Characters: Kawane C. (Christopher) Jackson: Magical Boy transported to the G. E. Universe as a mission.

  • Essentially me but magical. Has fire element.
  • Never tells anyone about Magical Form.
  • Likes: Music, His comrades, His God Arc, Gaming, Punching Aragami in the face, Goats (Flip-Flapping LOVES Goats), Machines (Androids and Mechas).
  • Dislikes: (At first glance, EVERYTHING but that's not true), Spicy food, Being ditched, Kongous (Damn monkeys), Vajras (Stinkin' overgrown cats), Dyaus Pita (It's like the LOVE ruining peoples' lives.), THAT EVIL WHEELCHAIR GIRL (you know who I'm talkin' about.), When woman-like Aragami start trying to get lewd with him. >.>

My nicknames for Aragami!:

  • Ogretail = Shrekasaurus
  • Vajra = P****Cat
  • Dreadpike = Drekpike
  • Gboro-Gboro = FISH!
  • Kabbala-Kabbala = HERE'S FISH!
  • Chi-You = Bird Daddy
  • Yan-Zhi = Harpy Sister
  • Kongou = Expand Dess
  • Quadriga = Skele-Tank (Myah!)
  • Dyaus Pita = Cat Santa
  • P. Mata = Cat Lady

Relationships on the Wiki:

  • Roinelli: The first person I got to know on the wiki, He's a cool dude who I would consider my first friend here! Roi, if you're reading this, Thank you! ^v^

My DeviantArt account: Ri-and-Len (Not Rin. it's Ri)

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