One-Eyed Serpent

aka Ryuujou Izanagi

  • I live in Kinda obvious now :D
  • I was born on February 14
  • My occupation is God Eater/ character designer/ amateur writer
  • I am FEMALE

This Weirdo's Introduction

Hello, and welcome to Ripley's Believe... Oh, wait. Wrong show.

Lame attempts at humor aside, I'm codenamed 'Ryuujou Izanagi', and is thus mostly known by that name, though some people also call me 'Serpent' or 'Ryuu'. You can call me those by those names, but, please please for the love of anything holy mind that I'm female.

I'm not lying, I swear. The joke would get old at this rate.

Mostly I'm just a fanfic writer here in the Wiki, and I also hang out at the Chat at random times. Due to timezone (I'm in the Philippines) so expect weird Log-In times.

Random Facts

  • Uses C. Spear-Sniper-Buckler exclusively. Trying to perfect Just Guard because FTW
  • I have trouble spotting errors in my own work. Actually, I can't spot my own errors. Dammit.
  • I should be in college, slaving away and trying to learn CSS and other Info. Tech. stuff, but no, I've decided that hanging out in Wikis are way more fun xD
  • Baby Character Designer, so might put up some weird art to amuse myself now and again.

'Never Stand Alone' (Tentative Title) - GE Fanfic

Short info: My own take on the GE2 storyline, though First Arc shall be the only part that would follow canon (no, not that trigger-happy girl). Focuses on Protagonist Hiro Kamui, and later on 2nd Protagonist Ryuuka Izanami.

(Extra Note: I forgot, but NSA (Never Stand Alone) starts out as a heavily edited version of GE2 game, before moving to AU.)


Arc 1: Pieces in Place


Chapter 1 - DEMAS

Chapter 2 - Izanami-san is a Pilot?!

Chapter 3 - Serious Problems (pt.1) (pt. 2)

Chapter 4 - Gilbert McLaine

Chapter 5 - Thought's of a Dragon

Chapter 6 - Who...?

Chapter 7 - Sudden Suddenness

Chapter 8 - Nan no Tame ni Ikite Iru?

Chapter 9 - The Satellite Branch

Chapter 10 - Letters

Chapter 11 - Fieldwork Fun (pt.1) (pt.2)

Chapter 12 - Mystery Person X!

Chapter 13 - This Camping Ain't For Kids

Chapter 14 - Good News, Bad News, Even More Bad News

Chapter 15 - Good Night


Arc 2: Fall to Pieces


Chapter 1 - Broken Mind, Shattered Trust

Chapter 2 - Keep Them Out, It's Better That Way

Chapter 3 - Temporary Measures

Chapter 4 - It's Best That I Leave

Chapter 5 - Smile, You Evil Wretch

Chapter 6 - Mémoire Et Souffrance

Chapter 7 - Hello, How Are You?

Chapter 8 - We "Finally" Meet

Chapter 9 - We All Fall Down

Chapter 10 - Scatter


Arc 3: Picking Up These Scattered Pieces



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