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Time to work on the wiki... got things piled up TT_TT

About myself

I'm working with 3 day shifts and 3 days of free time, so when I'm not around I either work or sleep. Otherwise You'll see me always logged in and ghosting the Chat. Though usually I might not respond immediately that is due to the fact that I either read (really addicted to reading ^--^), work on the wiki or write myself.

Also if Anyone has questions, ask away =)

God Eater related games

God Eater 2 : Rage Burst

Going to do a Personal Abilities list, Equipment list and anything that pops up. Most probably the skill page as well.

God Eater Resurrection

Currently working on the Weapons Page, followed by Guns, Shields and then Skills.

My hobby of writing and my stories related to God Eater

I am not going to hide the fact that I'm not particularly adept at it, but still I enjoy writing. I have over 3 dozen stories (currently that is) myself that eventually might see daylight. Each one at a different stadium or waiting for progress to achieve the next thing.

I have a tendency to write in notepad because I just love the .txt format... And I usually time my chapters between 15 and 25 KB in size, generally right along the middle.