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Osu!  Matt's the name and hunting games are what I do (although less exclusively now). Been playing GE since Burst and don't plan on stopping with GE3 anytime soon.

Anyway, a bit about me. I'm 27, I live in Columbia, MD, and I compose music both as a hobby and (eventually, hopefully) as a career.

Have any questions? Ask away!

HeadingB.pngMy characters

Sigma/∑ (GEB/GER: God Eater ∑)

Nanako (GE2/RB: God Eater ∑)

Idenn (God Eater:Universitas)

Will (God Eater: Reverie for a Dying Star/The Butterfly Effect)

Amaranth (God Eater: The Unwilting Flower)

An index of all the fanfiction I've written

A Comprehensive Guide to Fighting Rage Burst's New Aragami

A list (with links) of all the GE series songs I've arranged