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Baluar - "While we haven't really sortied together, talking to the guy isn't so bad. I'm just glad I've got friends other than my unit now."

Ken - "Hmm. I'll withhold my comments for now."

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Souichi Kazehaya is a God Eater working for Fenrir Special Forces 'Blood'. Relatively... 'chill', so to speak, and sometimes has too much time on his hands. Whenever off duty, he's usually found at the lounge -- and if not there, he's more than likely in his room looking through what's left of ages past. Also very reckless, having gone on missions with ill-tuned equipment more times than most would be comfortable with, earning no shortage of frustration from Gilbert for his trouble. All the same, however, he has no blade preference, performing acceptably with all blades and giving honor to his alias of "Kinkou" -- meaning 'balance'.

Souichi has a marked love for tinkering; it's perhaps one of the biggest reasons why he stockpiles so many materials for Licca to work with, and often asks for a chance to stick around in the workshop, assisting in crafting new equipment with her. Many of the materials he's hoarded over his service time are either parts from Deusphages or from the Hannibal line, making her wonder if his recklessness knows no bounds, prepared or not.

He has a markedly good rapport with the Cradle branch, such that while he does not take part as one of their own due to his duty, he's fine with being an unofficial member. (And being the nerd that he is, he had his own Cradle Uniform tailored to match with his companions.)

Souichi also holds Julius in high regard, going so far as to wield his Blood Art after he creates the helix structure that absorbs the Black Plague.

Most notably, the decision to become a God Eater was his choice. He's come to love the work he can do as one of humanity's defenders -- even if he's found many of the downsides to his line of work, including the death that surrounds it. But one of his true motivations is to protect his sister, the one part of his family he has left after he fell out of touch with their parents.


Souichi, as noted above, uses Gale Katana: Iron as his primary Blood Art, the very same one used by Julius Visconti. This, alongside the more often-seen Drive Twister, is amongst his most common choices whenever using a Long Blade. On occasions that call for it, he instead uses Impulse Edge: Chain Explosion. Other Blood Arts that he uses when using other Blade Types include: Blood-Spattering Dance, Rising Fang and Flying Lotus for the Short Blade, Blaze Heart and Gaia Pressure for the Boost Hammer, Hurricane Type-A, Charge Driver and Pain Stinger for the Charge Spear, and CC: Breaker, Riot Swing, Achilles (Archellis) Killer and Brutal Upper for the Buster Blade. "Gotta be prepared for anything, right? Though one of these days I'm gonna stop relying on these Blood Arts..."

Notably, his God Arc -- whenever he trades out his Black Steel equipment for a set that includes a gun made from Kyuubi materials -- sacrifices defense for power whenever he enters Burst Mode, highlighting his favor of aggressive attacking. This, however, has led him into situations where he gets seriously hurt, necessitating immediate attention from anyone with Recovery Bullets on his team. Other noteworthy loadouts he has handpicked for his God Arc include a set that focuses heavily on mobility and survival, and a set that is made to draw attention onto himself, leaving his allies free to attack an Aragami while it's distracted.

While his Tsukiyomi Kit (pictured below in the gallery) has been a constant after he hunted down the Magatsu Kyuubi, he's also seen with a God Arc that plays to his strongest point -- his versatility. A blade made from the materials of a Silver God Arc Soldier, the Sniper barrel made from a Kyuubi's remains, and a Buckler Shield built from the scraps of a Caligula's limbs make up the core of his current day equipment; however, while significantly more athletic, and capable of recuperating in short order (he describes it as a 'runner's high', one more than likely gained from chasing Aragami down as they ran to lick their wounds...), the noise he now makes outside of Burst Mode has become something of a deterrent to his method.
HeadingB.pngSouichi's Relationships

Julius Visconti - His predecessor as leader of Blood. The two were on amiable, if somewhat distant, terms, though as stated above, Souichi holds their former leader in high regard.

Ciel Alencon - His vice-captain as of Julius' retirement, and the entire Blood unit's subsequent involvement in the second Devouring Apocalypse incident. To say they are close might be putting it a little lightly; he's thankful that she's willing to put up with his reckless tendencies, especially after seeing the results of his strategies in battle.

Gilbert McLane - As Souichi himself puts it, they're 'partners to the end'.

Nana Kazuki - His laid back nature provides a considerable contrast to Nana's boisterous demeanor. She does play along with the jokes he cracks at her expense, if only because in hindsight those really were hilariously bad decisions on her part.

Romeo Leoni - While he was still alive, Souichi's nature provided a contrast to Romeo's as well. He was also among the first to take action when the idol lover ran off and got himself into trouble.

Soma Schicksal - While he does see Soma as distant, he chalks that up to him still looking rather aloof to everyone else. Soma, nonetheless, considers him part of the circle that only Lindow and fellow New-Type Tsukasa Kurama have become a part of.

Lindow Amamiya - "It's embarrassing to think that I was a teacher to a superior, but I guess it turned out alright!" While he wasn't really sure what happened when his Power of Blood triggered after high-fiving him, he's definitely on good terms with his fellow captain.

Alisa Illinichina Amiella - While he's certain she has eyes for another fellow God Eater -- this feeling only got further confirmed after a brief glimpse of normally unseen Cradle member Tsukasa, and the way she talks with him -- she nonetheless is a friend of his to the end. He does take the chance to snipe at her, though. "Alisa and Tsukasa sitting in a tree~"

Karel Schneider - "You know, maybe you're not so bad after all, for a self-professed mercenary." Until recently, around Karel, Souichi had a tendency to drop the laid-back attitude, and spare time to deck him after every mission he's forced to take the Old-Type along for. This had gotten him and the self-professed mercenary into a degree of trouble with their superiors, some of whom are all but certain that Souichi did this deliberately. A few chats with Karel, though, have since revealed things to Souichi that he honestly didn't expect from the man, and the two are on somewhat respectful terms.

Tatsumi O'Mori - He has a good rapport with Tatsumi. After hearing how much he goes on about Hibari, he only asked one question with a grin and a laugh: "Why don't you just kiss her already?"

Ulala Hoshino - Protective of the meek operator, she's safely earned a place as Souichi's sister figure.

Makabe Teruomi - Being on decent terms with Haruomi, it goes without saying that he'd end up on relatively good terms with his little brother, as well.

HeadingB.pngCombat Records

[1]Souichi in combat, exhibit A - Caligula. [2]Souichi in combat, exhibit B - Ouroboros. _____________________________________________________________________________

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