• Autumn Spirit Substitute

    The previous CWCheat code (Terminator God Arc) i had before tend to replace some of your equipment in storage.

    So here, i made a new CWCheat code to obtain all NPC equipment without replacing any of your equipment in storage.

    Make sure you're in The Den to use this cheat code.

    1. Activate the cheat code.
    2. Deactivate the cheat code.
    3. Save your game.
    4. Return to title screen (To refresh your savedata and NPC equipment).


    • This CWCheat code is compatible to both Japanese and US version of God Eater Burst.
    • Make a backup of your savedata just in case.
    • If you already have an existing NPC equipment, sell them first to avoid duplicate and before using this CWCheat code.

    _C0 All NPC Equipment
    _L 0x40339694 0x00210013
    _L 0x000E0224 0x00000001
    _L 0x4033F250 0x004C00…

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  • Autumn Spirit Substitute

    I decided to start all over again, but this time as an Old-Type (no guns). Transferred my hacked savedata from God Eater, containing NPC equipment such as Terminator God Arc. While transferring my savedata, i choose the 4th option to skip to Rank 7 and no items/materials/money.

    I prefer female character (Stella Aicer) since Yoshino Kouzuki is a clear proof that females are also compatible to Blade-formed Old-Type God Arcs.

    A dummy bullet with 150 OP i created is to lock my character in Blade-form, as well as to prevent obtaining Aragami bullets (This is how i able to make Old-Type Avatar Cards).

    Despite my whole progress from God Eater, Avatar Card status is new, fresh and no records. Cleared missions from God Eater are still intact in Hibari/mi…

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