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  • Baluar


    November 8, 2018 by Baluar

    Oh man, I tell ya, there aren't many things left in this world that can match the thrill of feeling an Aragami squirm under your blade, feel how its life fades and how the damn thing stops moving.

    Fair's fair, I suppose. We owe them that much, after everything we've been through.


    You what now?


    Stop shitting me. I mean that.


    So what you're trying to tell me is that you don't know about the Great Aragami War? You think you're funny or some shit? Everyone knows what it was, asshat.


    You're not funny. Stop. I'll punch you in the goddamn face if you keep it up. I lost people dear to me. One of them was a warbroken, even.


    Wait... you are serious. Where the actual fuck do you come from? Not a single place on Earth was left unscathed. It wa…

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  • Baluar

    A blue light

    October 30, 2018 by Baluar

    Space sure is desolate tonight.

    Well, "tonight". In a manner of speaking. It's sleep time soon, which doesn't mean it's night, since the star shines bright  on the sky and all. But... even to this day, centuries after Aragami took to space, those figures of speech remain.

    It's strange to think about it. They say mankind fought against extinction, that planetbound Aragami threatened our survival like no other thing had done before. And then one day... they up and left, no questions asked.

    Must have been weird days, to see that your life was in danger permanently, and then they all vanish, just like that. First few weeks were chaotic, Fenrir almost collapsed on itself not once, not twice, but four times, and plenty of riots broke out. Apparentl…

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  • Baluar

    Night stirs

    October 29, 2018 by Baluar

    It stirs.

    I try to hide it from everyone. Even Bal is unaware of it. He did his own half good, so long ago already. The memory's already fuzzy... but he saved us from our shared demons.

    Or so he thought, anyway.

    Even though we were infected with the same goddamn thing, the creature split in two, each half taking in something from its host. Being an Aragami, it didn't take on the brightest qualities, oh no. Damn asshole grabbed the worst aspects of each of us and ran with them. My brother's part... it was abrasive, unreserved and cocky, full of itself and ready to take on the world, just like him. Because of this, it squandered its chance to make good on its promises, wasted its one and only opportunity to take over, and got killed for its tro…

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  • Baluar

    A rematch

    September 9, 2018 by Baluar

    It was an empty training room. Sigma was a busy man, but he always had the time to spare to spar with an ally of his. However, this was no ordinary sparring session. His opponent had asked him to go all out. Strange, considering how he of all people should be aware of just how deep Sigma's powers went. But Sigma graciously obliged. And so, he found himself staring eye to eye with Baluar.

    "Sigma... feels like this isn't the first match we have, eh?"

    "You can hardly call our previous encounter a match," Sigma said. "It was more of a humbling." He knew full well the effect the words would have in his opponent. Indeed, just as he expected, his rival was incensed.

    "Trust me, this time it'll be different. The odds are even now."

    "They better be. I'l…

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  • Baluar

    For the record, "Summer Flower" refers to Alex (i.e. the protagonist slash narrator). And I've no idea why... I'll come up with something.

    This could be because I unconsciously aimed to make something like that old-ass fic from Matt, where he put a whimsical title in a story dealing with a murder. (Late arrival spoiler: no one actually died. He really got us good that time.) So basically, a totally misleading title, intended to be misleading. Yeah. That's it, probably, or maybe I just had this two months in my phone waiting to be posted and couldn't be assed to come up with a better title the time I got around to post it. But don't tell that to anyone.

    It's probably that, considering it is not particularly darker than any of my other stories (…

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