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  • Baluar

    Finally, Chapter 1

    September 22, 2014 by Baluar

    -       First off, Baluar (my character) has progressed quite a little bit in Fenrir: he’s a Commander now, while Nia, his sister, is also high-ranked (Captain).

    -       Those of you that search for some bloody story can very well become disappointed with the romantic parts of the story (hey, I’m no writer, so don’t blame me! This can be very boring, but I don’t have much to do). On the other hand, some of the late chapters garbage that story and put a weird one instead.

           There are other minor considerations; for instance, a Corrosive Hannibal can easily outclass any other Aragami, assuming it is not an exaggeratedly powerful mutant, (SPOILER) which obviously happens here. If you want, here is the spoiler section .

    PLEASE, if it's bad, …

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  • Baluar

    The title explains the post: how can I put the section where the info and the image appear in the character pages.

    In case it's not clear, here's a pic:

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  • Baluar

    Hey, are you active?

    August 27, 2014 by Baluar

    I know it is way too dumb to ask this, but hey, it seems this wiki is half dead. 

    So, even if you do still come from time to time, it'd be worth knowing you do. Leave your comment below, even if just to know that I'm not all alone here.

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  • Baluar

    Well, to tell the truth, I seriously doubt anyone reads this. And it is likely that a blog like this already exists. In any case, let's discuss the matter. What's the toughest Aragami you've ever met? 

    Also worth asking, which was the hardest Aragami that you defeated? I don't mean the strongest, but the one that took you the most effort to kill.

    So, to begin with, I'll answer the questions myself.

    The toughest Aragami? Don't come to me with Godspeed species, the Corrosive Hannibal in the Gods Eater Burst DLC Mission "Here, here, here" managed to KO me with one strike when I was at full health.To tell the truth, I was a little surprised, since I believed I was harder than that.  I mean, 150 HP and Ymir+ are supposed to protect you better than…

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