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  • Baluar

    The Librarian pulled the records on the War of Devouring from one of the Battle Barge’s numerous libraries. It was a curious war, indeed. The Blood Raven was curious as to how a backwater planet, with no connection to the empire, could have survived after being the target of both a Tyranid invasion and a Chaos Warband. Indeed, any such world was a prime candidate to becoming either a lifeless rock or a cursed piece of insanity forever destined to roam through the madness that was the Warp.

    And yet, the little planet, which housed nothing but a handful of humans locked in combat with a species of beings he was unfamiliar with, was neither of those. He had personally disembarked and recovered some of the records himself, and was eager to have…

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  • Baluar

    As I grab my almost unrecognizable God Arc so hard that it cracks, or at least it would if it were a normal God Arc, ready to face an uncertain fate at the hands of a monstrous Daemon Prince, I can’t help but recall that time when we thought Aragami were our certain doom.

    Ah, the good old times. I doubt I know a single person who wouldn’t be willing to make any kind of sacrifice just to return to those days.

    My allies fall in combat left and right, fighting all sorts of Daemons, ranging from gigantic Warp-spawn to terrible Bloodletters to rotten Nurglings. And I, of course, get the twelve feet tall engine of destruction. A warband of Chaos Undivided coming to our planet was the last thing we needed when already dealing with a planetary-scale…

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  • Baluar

    As Baluar slashed through a Fierce Kongou's chest, causing it a deadly wound which would leave it dead in a minute or two, his phone began to rang. Wondering who it could be, he picked it up and held it in his left hand while using his God Arc to keep another of the electrical monkeys at bay. The number wasn't in his agenda.

    -Yeah, who's there? - He answered nonchalantly.

    -A certain white haired woman. - Baluar couldn't help but wonder how she had his number. Then he remembered he had scrawled it in a paper and left it over his table, writing "Call if you need anything" below. On hindsight, that was a rather stupid thing to do, considering that the phone was only for emergencies, but it wasn't as though he could undo it.

    -Look, could we just …

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  • Baluar


    I think I'm spending far too much time chatting with Roi for my mental health.

    It was a cold night in the streets of the Far East Branch, but neither of the two figures (one of them very tall, the other one huge) seemed to care about it as they walked in a silence broken only by the occasional screech of a dying Aragami in the distance.

    After a particularly loud roar which could only come from a Vajra, the larger figure began to speak.

    -Romantic, isn't it? - For all response, the smaller figure shruged before adding:

    -I've seen worse.

    -Haha, yeah. - He wondered preciselywhere had she seen worse, but he didn't mention it. It was a while before the other figure broke the silence.

    -How far are we from your house? Not that I'm complaining, …

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  • Baluar

    Help me out!

    July 3, 2016 by Baluar

    You see, I've no idea what class I should play my next Pillars of Eternity playthrough. So I decided to let someone else choose for me. Problem solved! :V

    Anyway, I can't choose, and since it's nothing important, I'll let you guys choose.

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