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  • LittleBigEater
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  • LittleBigEater

    weapon table test

    April 21, 2020 by LittleBigEater

    This table is under construction and will be updated at a later date.
    Weapon Controls (This Assumes ur using Type B controls)
    □ = Weak Attack Δ = Strong Attack Hold Δ, then release = Devour R1 + Χ = Gun Action/Quick Gun form
    Ο = Block R1 + Ο = Quick Step R1 + left stick = Sprint R1 = Switch to Gun form
    Short blades
    Known for their fast attacks and for moving quickly on the battlefield. If you don't like the sluggish movement of Buster type weapons, this is the weapon for you. Note i've gave these combos names based on what i call them, if you know the correct combo names let me know.
    Slash Attack: □ Slash Attack combo: □ □ □ □
    Piercing Attack Δ Piercing Attack Combo Δ Δ Δ Δ
    Devour Attack At the end of a Combo, hold R1 + Δ to Devour
    Advance Cont…

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  • LittleBigEater

    This is a log for my character's mission, where i'll be  posting in the comments notes of my missions to assist with creating my GE2RB guide.

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  • LittleBigEater

    Bullet test

    April 18, 2020 by LittleBigEater

    1 Lock On Button press ↔ 00º ↕ +60º O 00º
    B SS Deco Laser:Straight/Point Blank
    2 When 1 Fades ↔ 00º ↕ -50º O 00º
    B M Control: Aim at Foe/Normal Time
    3 0.2 sec. after 2 ↔ 00º ↕ -00º O 00º
    B S Shot: Straight/Long
    4 0.5 sec. after 2 ↔ 00º ↕ -00º O 00º
    B S Shot: Straight/Long
    5 1 sec. after 2 ↔ 00º ↕ -00º O 00º
    B S Shot: Straight/Long
    6 When 5 hits ↔ 00º ↕ -00º O 00º
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  • LittleBigEater

    Note: This Guide is based on how i play GE2RB and assumes you are playing the English Version using a PS Vita.

    This is a Guide for God Eater 2 Rage Burst , it is currently a work-in progress but i plan to use it as an guide for the Missions.

    Hit "Start" & select New Game. You will be taken to a screen that lets you Input a name and a Code name, while being able to select your gender.

    Note: Think carefully about your Code Name as you won't be able to change it when restarting the story/changing avatar face via "import save data."

    On the next screen you will create your avatar, then afterwards you pick your save slot... simple, right?

    For this Guide i'm gonna go with:

    When you start the game - after a intro cinematic, you will wake up in the first…

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