This build is focused on using PS to maximize support capacity towards allies, with easily-usable PS carrying essential support CUs as well as the rest of the build containing useful support abilities.  Expect this to be updated very frequently as I get more nokojins I need. (+levels on equipment are irrelevant for skills)

GE Chocolate EX

  • Energy Chocolate III: [B] Decreased Healing Bullet OP Consumption, Stamina 10, Aggro Acquisition Rate -10, Frugal 10
  • Steel Fang 10: Devour HP Intake 10, Blade Special Action Attack Up 10

Striver EX (Lenka's Blast gun)

  • Physical Guard III: Defense 10, Medic, Rescue Recovery 10, Rescue Burst
  • Supplier IV: [B] Oracle Auto-Heal 10, [B] Link-Aid Boost, Oracle 10, Giving 10
  • Trigger Happy
  • Air Devourer 10: [B] Blade Aerial Attack Up 10, Devour HP Intake 10

Glar (Arius shield)

  • Fleetfoot II: [B] Stamina Auto-Heal 10, Athlete 10, Step Master 10, Stamina Auto-Heal 10
  • Hard-Boiled: Guard Speed Up, JGOP Heal, JGST Heal, JGHP Heal
  • Triple Time 8: HP 8, Oracle 8, Stamina 8
  • Frugal 10

Prepared Upgrade

Combat Catching Assistant (戦闘捕助) Upgrade: [B] Lifesteal Blade, Burst Time 10

Charge: Orca with Ally Attack Boost CU

Quick: Bladefang with Ally Defense Boost CU

Combo: Bladefang with Link-Burst Heal CU

Step: Drunk with Devour Bullet Intake Up CU

Air: Fan of Mist with Devour HP Restore CU

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