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    Hello, this is your admin, Arthur, who has returned with yet another guide for Resonant Ops. However, this is personally a recommended guide and there is a variety of mix and matches for your personal setup in your Loadout. I will not be counting 3* God Eaters because they will be unlocked from Story progress. I will also be using Jashin's guide for this for assisting purposes due to the data that has been provided by him.

    Pierce teams work effectively against Sunder-type Aragami. With only 9 God Eaters total within the SSR/SR Category for Pierce, there is a viable option between a mix of AoE, ST and Supportive style of gameplay. However, there are only 3 which are permanent to the Main Gacha compared to the remaining 6. I will only be expl…

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  • Vaince321

    Hello and welcome to the God Eater Resonant Ops Guide. I am your host, Arthur and here, we shall begin a simple explanation on some translations and simple guides on how to play God Eater Resonant Ops. I will only be covering what I could translate and to the best of my abilities as a translator for the game. I will not cover the storyline of what happens within God Eater Resonant Ops events.

    I will note that this is an incomplete guide and some translations aren't finished nor complete, but I will find some time to complete this guide when possible.

    (NEW!! Matt (admin Seieireppa) will be lending his skills to this translation effort!)

    Now, from here is the main menu, where you will access most likely everything. From the left side of the scr…

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  • Vaince321

    The night was snowing and the lights were bright as men and women were heard walking around the Outter Ghetto to celebrate Christmas. Their footsteps crunching underneath the snow is the only thing heard outside Anagura as for within the Branch, most of the God Eaters are rookies as for the Veterans... They've either travelled back to their respective countries to celebrate or celebrate in their own dorms. As for Arthur, his was an eventful night.

    20 hours ago...

    Arthur took his God Arc up from the casing, the oddly shaped blade part slightly dusty from under-use has brought him some rusty skills. The green haired man, his right arm encased in a black arm guard similar to Lindow's arm in terms of appearance, however it has the markings of th…

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  • Vaince321

    Birthday Bash Party

    April 10, 2016 by Vaince321

    After a few days of wandering, even Arondlyght got tired of it. He stared back at the place he once called home.

    Arondlyght: You know.... It's really getting weirder... Director...

    Oh c'mon... It's not like someone's gonna sip tea and watch as the whole world explodes.

    Arondlyght: Huh... Like you're the one to talk...

    Sigma: Is there something wrong?? *sips tea*


    Arondlyght: Wtf...?

    Sigma: Eh, petty that your "Director" exploded from that... Aren't you gonna celebrate Bal's Birthday or something...?

    Arondlyght: Well... I would like to but...

    Sigma: Well then... *bends rift back to Fenrir*


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  • Vaince321

    Should I even be alive...?

    Or am I dead...?

    These words haunt him everyday as he tries to survive against the onslaught of the Aragami. A robotic right arm made out of different materials that looked like an abundant piece of trash to compensate for his lost one.

    "Dammit...  These Ogretails are literally pissing me off..." - He muttered these words and raised his right arm, forming a sword and slicing those Ogretails, somehow giving him an edge in battle. However, he wasn't prepared for more company such as those Zygotes and Vajras.

    A memory haunted him for 3 years, the same mistake a close friend of his did. Barely escaping his narrow death, he ran towards the ruins for safety but it did not shelter him from the Vajra's attacks. Switching his…

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