Hello and welcome to the God Eater Resonant Ops Guide. I am your host, Arthur and here, we shall begin a simple explanation on some translations and simple guides on how to play God Eater Resonant Ops. I will only be covering what I could translate and to the best of my abilities as a translator for the game. I will not cover the storyline of what happens within God Eater Resonant Ops events.

I will note that this is an incomplete guide and some translations aren't finished nor complete, but I will find some time to complete this guide when possible.

(NEW!! Matt (admin Seieireppa) will be lending his skills to this translation effort!)

Main Menu

GEREO Main Menu
Now, from here is the main menu, where you will access most likely everything. From the left side of the screen, from top to bottom. There is the Gift Box, Achievements, Shop(where you can increase your preset team capacity, energy boost and God Arc capacity.), Trade(To get your delicious waifus/husbandos) and Other (which includes options such as game settings, etc.).

On the right, we have News, Materials, Summon (PREPARE THY SALT), Equipment/Characters, Terminal (Party/God Arc setup) and finally Main Menu. The first three are self explanatory but I will be covering Equipments and Terminal below.


Summoned Units
Summoned Support Units
GEREO Weapons
From these three screens above, you have the Field Units that you can use within the Field, followed by the Dividers and finally, you have God Arcs for the protagonist to use. Each screen has a Sort button which can be sorted by Rarity 5 to Rarity 1, Sunder/Pierce/Crush and finally by Elements; Fire, Ice, Thunder, Divine and No-Element. However, only the Support Unit can be sorted through Rarity.

Following the sorting is also by Ascending/Descending and Recent/HP/(Sorry, I haven't gotten the right translation)/(Sorry, I haven't gotten the right translation as well)/Rarity/Lv.


GEREO Loadout
The image below here is the Loadout section, where you can customize your team. Tap onto one of the empty slots(I filled that remaining slot with Alex, Serra took one already.) and below your Field Units are the Dividers you can choose up to 4. Each Divider affects your overall score(as noted on the left(6163(Subject is to change with each progress))). There is also Stat Boosts(HP, Attack and Defense) with each Divider equipped.

Tapping the smaller button on your left brings you to a smaller screen that enables you to understand what God Arcs Abilities you have selected in your sub equipment tab.
Sub God Arcs Skills
Sub God Arcs

From these two images, you are able to determine which God Eater in your team is affected and what would be the best build. Pure Pierce/Sunder/Crush teams are viable but there are many combinations and I will only provide the simple outcomes/performances.(This will be updated as I play the game so do be wise about what you roll. I've recently started it before doing this blog.)

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