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The Synopsis:

In the mid 21th century, Creatures know as Aragami destroyed most of the world and every species within including humans, to fight back this threath the human last hope: The God Eaters were created in order to eliminate the threath, and humanaty could survive and even prosper but, that did not last, the fast evolution of the Aragamis caused by an unknonw source wiped big part of humanity and in 2125 The Great Fall, a event that wiped out the humanity happened. The year is 2129, This history is about a God Eater named Blake one of the latest Human's in the Earth that was in a revenge mission against all aragamis on the earth and discovering, He was alone until a certain day that he discover: He is not alone at all.

Episode 01: After Apocalypse: Here

Episode 02: The beginning of The Untold Truth: Here

Episode 03: Hope After All: Here

Episode 04: The Untold Truth: Here

Episode 05: Outrage Onslaught: Here

Episode 06: Reviving Memories: Here

Episode 07: The Old Russia Ruins: Here

Episode 08: A Shadow is Approaching: Here

Episode 09: Hephaestus: Here

Episode 10: Awaken Power: Here

Episode 11: Aura Impulse: Here

Episode 12: Past, Present and the Unknown: Here

Episode 13: Predatory Instincts: Here

Episode 14: Unexpected Threat: Here

Episode 15: True Threath, Dark Past: Here

Episode 16: A Day in the Underground City: Here

Episode 17: Disappearances: Here

Episode 18: Hydra's Plan: Here

Episode 19: The Deadly Red Lights: Here

Episode 20: Hydra: Here

Episode 21: Secrets: Here

Episode 22: Developments: Here

Character Bios:





More coming soon.


Secret File 1

Secret File 2

Secret File 3

Secret File 4

Get to Know: The Great Fall: Here

Get to Know: The Underground City: Here


God Eater: Universitas:Here

God Eater: Universitas,shows an alternate universe where, Blake was brought back to the past by Idden, and now they try together with a group of Top-Class God Eaters with the powers of something called The Horizon named the Anti-Feldman Task Force to stop Feldman's Ambitions and his Boundary Aragamis.

(And no, it's not part of the canon)

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