Yuka Ichinose Yuka Ichinose 3 July 2018

REO asdfghjkl

Uhh... Dumpsite for all REO whatchamacallits for when we start PROJECT: REO-pedia.


Deals damage to a single enemy.
Deals damage to all enemies.

Devours the enemy and induces BURST mode. (Melee only)
Burst Inducer
Induces BURST mode. (Ranged only)
Healing Bullet

Heals a single party member.

Restore Post
Restores HP for all party members.

Raises ATK Power of one ally.
Lowers the enemy's DEF.
Heals all status ailments.

5 ★
4 ★
3 ★
Male MC

Tatsumi O'Mori

Erina der Vogelweid (REO)

Fem MC

Brendan Bardell

Sera Kisaragi

Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (REO)

Kanon Daiba


Alisa Ilinichina Amiella (GER)

Gina Dickinson


Soma Schicksal

Karel Schneider


Kota Fujiki (…

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Yuka Ichinose Yuka Ichinose 11 January 2016

Drawing Yuka with the God Arc (Crappy phone camera)

Seeing Kuya's works kinds motivated me to work on drawing Yuka with her God Arc, so, yeah.

Hoping to make a better GE logo next time. :V

This is Soma's fanon daughter btw.

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Yuka Ichinose Yuka Ichinose 3 January 2016

God Eater: Infinity Paradise, Chapter 19

Here you go, Roi... :V

"Ah, good morning, Soma!" Hibari greeted as said God Eater closed in to the mission counter. "There are quite a number of missions available for taking."

He silently leafed through the available quests. It had been days since Lindow's... disappearance, and life was forced to flow normally for everyone in the Far East. The Search Unit could barely find a lead, or even any hint of their leader's current state and location. What the hell... They should do a better job. Of course the First Unit could, but with their higher-ups telling them to focus instead on retaliation, do they even have a choice?

"Eh? But..." The operator eyed the companion Soma had listed down. It was weird in its own way because: 1) He doesn't usually …

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Yuka Ichinose Yuka Ichinose 17 December 2015

God Eater: Infinity Paradise, Chapter 18

"Alright. We'll take one last look inside and then we could all head back to Den." Lindow Amamiya said in his usual laid back tone, something she had grown accustomed to over the short time she had spent in the Far East. "You guys keep watch outside, okay? Won't take long." He held his God Arc in one hand, a cigarette on the other, and disappeared behind the ruins of the old church, Alisa Amiella trailing close by.

Kota started to stretch a few limbs. "Man, that was tiring, wasn't it? I'll go watch Bugarally when we get home to relieve myself off some stress." He flashed his teammates that cheery grin he was known for.

"But don't forget your assignments on Dr. Sakaki's lectures," Sakuya reminded him, earning a small pout. She then turned to …

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Yuka Ichinose Yuka Ichinose 3 December 2015

God Eater: Infinity Paradise, Chapter 17

Soma remembered the last time he challenged her like that. A petty childish game of skip-the-experiments hide-and-seek. It was a distant memory, yet he remembers every detail of it whenever it comes up in his head. Yuka was already a competitive, childish girl at a young age, disagreeing with him when he said he couldn't be beaten at hide and seek. Not even the scientists could find her for the entire day, and he even remembered himself growing tired of looking.

Cruel, but true. Being impatient was a characteristic ingrained to him even in his childhood.

"If they don't get out of the way, I'll really fire at them!" Kota yelled.

Soma smashed his blade right into the face of the Vajra -- rare chance that it was. The Aragami staggered in both pain…

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