Werner Gadolin is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is an Adaptive God Eater and leader of Crimson Queen, an resistance organization consisting of Adaptive God Eaters who rebel against Gleipnir.


Hilda reveals she and Werner used to work in the same lab saying, "He was a gifted researcher. Everyone had their eyes on him."  It is also implied she and Werner had a thing for each other.  However, when the calamity struck it put a strain on his relationship with his father, Governor-General Gadolin .  Gadolin sacrificed many AGE lives and Werner didn't agree with his method.  He formed the Crimson Queen as a way to protect the AGEs that Gleipnir couldn't. 



Leader of the Crimson Queen resistance movement.

Outside of the fact that he is an Adaptive God Eater, little is known about this enigmatic figure.

Werner: 2

Werner Gadolin (30 years old)

Leader of the Crimson Queen resistance movement.

Werner's goal is to stop the persecution of AGEs and free them from their oppressors, starting with Gleipnir. He is the son of Gleipnir's chief commander, Governor-General Gadolin.

Werner: 3

Werner Gadolin (Deceased, aged 30)

According to Gleipnir's official declaration, security units had cornered Werner in his base when he intentionally triggered an Ash Storm, leading to the formation of the Ash Tempest.

Note: This information is entirely based on Gleipnir's declaration, and its veracity is as of yet unconfirmed.


Hilda describes Wener as intelligent, hardworking, and genuine.  He shows great compassion for those around him, wanting to protect all that he can.  


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