A red-colored variant of normal God Arc Soldiers. They are more brutal than their normal counterparts, both in terms of their actions in battle, which are more wild and unrestrained, and in terms of their appearance, which adds a colony of oracle cells sprouting from their backs, a result of God Arc Soldiers incorporating Julius Visconti's Singularity bias factor.

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst

Released from the control of Friar, this is a God Arc Soldier that has become a wild Aragami. The rampaging Oracle Cells have changed its outer armor red. However, its fighting ability is unchanged. It wields its adjustable blade fiercely, and its specialty Long Blade multi attacks/buster wide range attacks are a force to be contended with. It is best to proceed with caution.

ATK Element: None

Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze, Spark, Divine

Additional Information

  • Their attacks remain largely unchanged from their normal counterparts; however, they are capable of a backwards cartwheel dodging maneuver.
  • As with their normal counterparts, there are two variants: a Long Blade variant, focusing on fast, wide attacks, including a serial leaping slash, and a Buster Blade variant, which uses fierce attacks and can generate a powerful Charge Crush aura. These are called, predictably, Wild Blade Arc Soldier and Wild Buster Arc Soldier.

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