A more robust variant of the Yaksha species, with two powerful arms sprouting from the shoulders, endowed with large claws that are used for charging its targets.

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God Eater Burst

A DLC Aragami resembling fallen God Eaters.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A humanoid Aragami known as the "King of the Yaksha." Its hard talons and cannon make it deadly in battle. Always seen leading a group of Yaksha.

In addition to firing Oracle shots from its cannon, it uses its talons for melee and charge attacks, leaving it with few blind spots in terms of combat. Attacking agressively while it prepares to fire will yield the best results.

ATK Element: Divine
Weaknesses: Blaze, Freeze, Spark

Additional Information

  • It comes from the Sanskrit words "Yaksha" meaning a guardian-spirit of hidden nature, and Raja, meaning "king".
  • It should be noted that, unlike Ravana, its shots do not pass through material (i.e. they are not High Piercing). It's possible to take advantage of this by hiding behind Aragami when a Yaksha begins to charge a shot.
  • In all games after God Eater Burst, it is a regular Aragami that appears often in both Story and Free missions.
  • While they share some parallels with God Arc Soldiers, with both being based on God Eaters, it should be noted that God Arc Soldiers are manmade, cybernetic organisms mass-produced for annihilating Aragami, whereas Yaksha (and Yaksha Raja) are creatures that either spawned from fallen God Eaters, or came into being from Oracle Cells that possessed the bodies of God Eaters and/or ordinary humans alike.
  • Yaksha have the ability to slowly track players.
  • In a cutscene that covers Nana's backstory, multiple Yaksha Raja were found gathering on the area where Nana is located along with her dead mother due to her Power of Blood.

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