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  • Feather Slap: Yan Zhi raises both her hands a bit, then performs a quick, lunging slap forward. Evade by stepping to the sides instead of away. Although, Backflipping with the Charge Spears appears to be effectively as well, if timed right.
  • Devilish Ball: Yan Zhi 'charges' her hands for a bit, then conjures a large energy ball with both her hands to her left, then releases it homing to her target. Evade by stepping away at the exact moment it about to hit. Or simply, stay out of range. Backflipping is not a good option, unless to the sides. Guarding against this attack is much more recommended
  • Naughty Ball: Yan Zhi 'charges' her hands for a bit, then uses her right hand to shoots a small energy ball up into the sky, the energy ball then will launches itself homing towards Yan Zhi's target. Evade by stepping away at the right moment. Guarding is optional.
  • Devilish Smack: Yan Zhi performs a quick, step to her right then smack her target with her right hand, knocking them away. Will Stuns when Yan Zhi is Enraged. Hard to step out at the right moment, effectively and vigilantly staying on her left side or back instead.
  • Hover Charge: Yan Zhi performs a quick jump to the back, then hovers over the ground with great speed charging towards her targets. Evade at the very moment Yan Zhi is about to hit. Double-jumping or Aerial stepping above her is also recommended.
  • Enchantress Roundhouse: Yan Zhi performs a 'ready' stance, then performs a quick roundhouse that creates shockwaves on the ground. Evade by stepping away when she is performing the 'ready stance'.
  • Enchantress Sky Attack: Yan Zhi covers herself with her hands and crouches first, then launches herself up in the sky. Then, she crashes onto her target with great speed. Evade this attack by quickly moving under her shadow when she's mid-air. Stepping away is always possible, but be sure to step sideways when Yan Zhi is crashing down.
    • When Enraged, Yan Zhi will create a blue shockwave when she crashes onto the ground, making this attack particularly harder to step away.
  • Featherblow: Yan Zhi performs a quick, jump to flinch away, leaving a wall of feathers mid-air that will strike down just after she drops to the ground. Evade feathers by stepping forward instead, stepping sideways may evade this attack, but be sure to move away first, then Steps away.
  • Summon Zhou Wangs: Yan Zhi summons three Zhou Wangs to fight at her side. She only summons them when she just engaged into battle or ambushed by her foes.
==Aragami Bullets==
Name Gun Type Attributes Description
Sniper Freeze Fire an incendiary sniper bullet.
(Icicle Needle)
Assault Freeze Fire 3 explosive rounds.
(Ice Fog)
Blast Freeze Shoots a large explosive that's affected by gravity.
(Ice Chariot)
Shotgun Freeze Shoots three orbs that follow the gunner in mid air and explodes when something touches it or after a certain period of time lapses.

Defense Attributes

The numbers below represent a percentage estimate of the Aragami's defense (From 1% to 100%) for the specified attributes. The higher the value, the weaker your attack will be.

Part Gun Blade Elemental
Crush Pierce Sunder Crush Pierce Blaze Freeze Spark Divine
Head 25 65 90 90 5 X OO O O
Wings 80 80 60 60 60 X OO O O


70 25 20 30 X OO O O
Upper Body 60 70 25 70 60 X OO O O
Lower Body 25 65 55 70 60 X OO O O

Aragami Materials

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