Yan Zhi is a Psion, a medium sized harpy-like Aragami resembling a cross between a Chi-You and a Sariel, first introduced in God Eater 2. It is able to command Aragami to focus on a single target by marking them, as well as summon Zhou Wang to the field.

Norn Database

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God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A Chi-You psion with the body of a beautiful girl. Using its resonance ability, it can control nearby Aragami, causing them to attack a single target. It can also instantly gather swarms of Oracle Cells, forming then into Zhou Wang slaves. Anyone targeted by Yan Zhi should be defended at all costs.

Additional Information

  • The name which means maquillage may be a reference to Daji, the concubine who bewitched King Zhou with her beauty.
  • The Yan Zhi's summoning ability has notably been decreased due to the crashes caused by overloading in the initial demo of God Eater 2. However, its defense attributes have been increased consequently.
  • Its special ability is "Sensitive", which mark one of your teammates and making all the Aragami in the field focusing on her/him until the effect is over by staggering Yan Zhi.

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Yan Zhi 001
Yan Zhi 002
Yan Zhi 003
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