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Yoshino Kozuki is a minor character in God Eater 2. She is recruitable in free missions in Rage Burst's 1.30 update along with Kate Laurie.


Yoshino Kozuki was a God Eater that died in the presence of her daughter (and future God Eater) Nana Kozuki. She died at the Ice Blue Canyon.

In God Eater 2 Rage Burst, Rachel Claudius traps Nana in a dreamscape where she is reunited with Yoshino as the two share a meal, in an attempt to break Nana's mind and turn her away from her friends. Nana, however, possessing absolute faith in herself and her friends, resolves to leave her "mother" behind and return to her friends, breaking out of Rachel's dreamscape with sheer force.


Yoshino Kozuki (Deceased, aged 29)

Joined the Fenrir Far East Branch in 2056.
Declared MIA in 2063.
Declared KIA upon discovery of her armlet on a snowy mountain in 2067. It has been confirmed that her daughter, Nana Kozuki, was cared for at Dr. Rachel's Magnolia Compass Orphanage.

Yoshino Kozuki: 2

Reported MIA in 2063, but according to Dr. Rachel, she in fact hacked her armlet, removed it, and spent four years as a fugitive with her daughter, the God Eater Child Nana Kozuki. Desertion is a military crime of the highest order, but given that the criminal is deceased and that marriage and birth support networks for God Eaters were lacking at the time, current Far East Branch Director Dr. Sakaki has decided not to investigate her other offenses.



Yoshino was an adult woman with shoulder length, twin-tailed black hair and dark pink eyes.

Despite being a Buster Blade user, she wore a plum Sniper uniform with the jacket's sleeves rolled up, a low waist black pants with belt, and black and white high heels.

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  • Her uniform is also a DLC in the Japanese version of God Eater Burst.
  • While the rest of the female Old-Types are gunners (with exception of Kate Laurie's first God Arc), Yoshino is the only other known female Old-Type blader.
  • Her Blood Art is Archellis Killer, which is a 3rd PSP GE Triangle Button.png attack Blood Art.

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