Yuno Ashihara is an idol diva who is well known throughout the devastated world of God Eater 2. She is currently travelling around the world as part of Fenrir's publicity campaign to promote the development of Satellite Bases. She was born in Nemos Diana and is close friends with her manager and fellow former Nemos Diana inhabitant Satsuki.


Yuno first appears in the game as a guest onboard the Friar and is bound for the main branch Anagura to support the Satellite Base development. She introduces herself formally to Blood along with Satsuki when the Friar docks at Anagura. She is shown to get along with the Black Plague infected children in the residential areas. She sings in the Lounge as part of her welcoming party and later sings at Romeo's funeral. Yuno accompanies Blood during their operation to save kidnapped infected patients in the Friar and questions Julius's loyalty to his allies tearfully. She is revealed to have contracted the Black Plague when she was rescuing the Asuna and the other infected patients. Dr. Paylor Sakaki's analysis of her infection shows her to be a second Singularity-qualifiable candidate which plays a key part in stopping the Singularity Julius Visconti had transformed into. When Blood defeats the Person Who Opens the World,in order to counter the other Singularity's devouring power, Yuno activates her Singularity powers through singing her song "Aria of Light" which is interrupted partway but she continues the song after Satsuki broadcasts the chorus singing voices of people from all over the world into the Friar. Yuno then amplifies her power with the help of the Protagonist's Power of Blood and enters Julius's realm of consciousness to talk to him one last time before he forcibly stops the devouring process, extracts the Black Plague from infected people, and turns into a premature Nova in the shape of a helix-shaped plant-like structure. Yuno sometimes appears post-game in Anagura's Lounge with Satsuki during her visits from her world travels.




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  • Yuno's songs are performed by J-pop artist yu-yu, who sings the theme song of God Eater 2, Hikari no Aria or "Aria of Light."
  • She was cured from her own infection along with other patients.
  • Asuna and Yuno Ashihara both share a similar accesory (Asuna=hair beads; Yuno=bead necklace).

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