Zeke Pennywort is a character introduced in God Eater 3. He is an AGE that belongs to the same Port that the protagonist and Hugo act in coordination with.


Zeke was raised in a particularly rough environment compared to his friends and has defiant tendencies, but is caring of others and has a strong sense of fellowship towards those that he trusts. He had two younger brothers, but was separated from his brother one year younger than him, who is currently missing. His youngest brother is well and alive, and lives with him in the Pennywort Port.



Zeke Pennywort (17 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to Pennywort.

Identification Number: PW-01429
Authorized Ash Density Level: 3

Zeke: 2

Zeke Pennywort (17 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater.

Picked up when a large-scale Ash Storm formed near Pennywort, then granted sanctuary according to Ashland Navigation Law.

Note: Granted free access to limited sections of the Chrysanthemum as a special case.

Zeke: 3

Zeke Pennywort (17 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

Born: June 4, Height: 160 cm
God Arc: Boost Hammer/Shotgun
As special attack unit captain for the Hounds, Zeke prefers fighting his enemies up close, and uses his high stamina as an effective weapon.

Zeke: 4

Zeke Pennywort (17 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

God Arc: Boost Hammer/Shotgun
In addition to his duties as special attack unit captain for the Hounds, Zeke also works to educate and train young Chrysanthemum AGEs.

Although some occasionally complain that his explanations are too vague and abstract, his natural generosity and cheer seem to have nipped any major problems in the bud.

Zeke: 5

Zeke Pennywort ( 17 years old)
An Adaptive God Eater belonging to the Chrysanthemum.

The excavation hobby Zeke had been engaging in between missions has intensified and become a significant part of his primary source of income. Due to the extreme rarity and difficulty in acquiring them, Zeke has been able to charge exorbitant rates to certain enthusiasts for old TV shows. With this income, he sometimes brings back souvenirs to the children in the Chrysanthemum's orphanage.
God Arc: Boost Hammer/Shotgun

Memory Data

1) I never knew my parents, so my big brothers Saul and Rhys were like parents to me. Our lives going from one satellite base to another weren't ideal by any stretch, but it was always lively and fun having the five of us together.
I thought it'd always be us five brothers living as a family.

2) There were other kids at the satellite bases who had it bad like us. Whenever Saul ran into them, he reached out. At some point, he became like a saint to them, no matter what base we were at. Little me always felt a sense of pride in that.

3) My big brother Rhys taught the three of us all sorts of games. Sometimes the four of us would play poker all night. Saul was mad when he caught us, but later on he ended up joining in. Rhys taught us how to relax, even during the hardest times.

4) One day we ventured into the Outer Ghetto to explore. Suddenly Aragami attacked, and it looked like certain death for us. Saul and Rhys sacrificed their lives to save me and my two little brothers. That day I swore I'd do anything to protect Neal and Keith. I took my big brothers' duty.

5) After my big brothers were gone, I did everything I could to survive with Neal and Keith in tow. But Pennywort caught us when we were stowed away on a transport going between bases, and we were forced to become AGEs. The expressions of despair on my little brothers' faces during their aptitude tests will haunt me forever.

6) Keith was weak, and as an AGE, they treated him like a defective product. I wanted to do something, anything, to save him. Even in his situation, Keith stayed positive, found what he could do, and ended up saving me instead. In the end, I couldn't be a big brother to him.

7) Neal was sold off. We brothers were separated. I didn't even know what Port he went to. Even as I consoled Keith, I was consumed with regret. With nowhere to turn, I took out my anguish on Aragami in the Ashlands day after day.

8) Since I couldn't protect my little brothers like I should have, I started to think of the oath I swore to my big brothers as a curse. I can't be like them. Keeping my brothers safe in their place is too much for me. I'm a failure as a big brother.


Zeke is very fun-loving and free-spirited.  When first introduced to the player he offers to show them a new trick with the god arc before being reprimanded by Hugo for his flippant nature.  Zeke cares a lot about his friend and his family, but also the lives of those in danger when he jumps to rescue a Gleipnir God Eater who was trying to use AGEs as bait against the AGE Eater. He loves card games as evidenced by him teaching Phym how to cheat in poker.




  • Zeke is a name with Hebrew origin, meaning may God strengthen, while Pennywort is the common name of a herbacious, frost-tender perennial plant often used as medicinal herbs.

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