Zygotes are a species of small, flying Aragami. They boast some of the most sensitive hearing and sight of all Aragami. Despite not being troublesome to defeat, they are dangerous when found among other Aragami due to their ability to alert them to a God Eater's presence and poison its enemies.

Norn Database

The following information can also be found via descriptions of the Aragami found in the NORN Terminal's database.

God Eater Burst

A flying Aragami that looks like a woman fused with an egg shell. Highly mobile, it dispersed worldwide after first appearing on the American continent. Brimming with poisonous gas harmful to the human body. Able to move over a wide range, it can also summon other Aragami once it spots a human. Try to defeat it before it joins forces with other Aragami.

God Eater 2 Rage Burst/Resurrection

A fusion between a woman and an egg, this Aragami possesses great mobility. Soon after its discovery in the Americas, it spread across the globe. Its body is filled with deadly gas dangerous to humans. It can see over large areas, and when it spots a human, it lets out a piercing scream before rushing to attack. Aragami hearing this scream are put to guard. God Eaters should eliminate Zygotes before reinforcements appear.

ATK Element : None
Weaknesses : Blaze, Freeze, Spark

Additional Information

  • Zygotes are able to poison God Eaters; while their poison isn't as deadly as that of larger Aragami, is nonetheless something to be wary of.

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GOD EATER RESURRECTION Aragami clips - Zygote

GOD EATER RESURRECTION Aragami clips - Zygote

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